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Anton and Me

In 2020 the AIA published “Anton and Me” by Charlotte Maramis. Charlotte or “Lottie” as she was generally known, was there in 1945 at the establishment of the AIA and in her later years was the AIA Patron until her death in 2012. The book, edited by Hamish McDonald, was about Lottie’s life with Anton Maramis.

Her story encapsulates the political drama that unfolds as Australia turns away from its affinity with colonial powers to support the Indonesian struggle, a critical moment in its emerging engagement with its Asian neighbours.

In “Anton and Me” Lottie tells of falling in love with Anton Maramis, defying official and social discouragement to marry, and moving to war-torn Jakarta on the eve of Indonesian independence. They met during the war years in Sydney. Anton was an Indonesian seaman stranded in Australia, waiting to return to Indonesia after the war. He became involved in the Indonesian independence movement but returned to Sydney to marry Lottie. They lived in Indonesia for several years before moving back to settle in Sydney.

The book was officially launched by His Excellency the Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Retd) Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia.

The book can be purchased for A$29.20 including postage in Australia, or A$44 including postage to Indonesia.

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Article by Sastra Wijaya regarding “Anton and Me”