The Australia Indonesia Association (AIA) of NSW unites people with a social and cultural interest in Indonesia.
The association provides an opportunity to attend Sydney based Indonesian events, socialize with people who have a common interest in Indonesia and learn about Indonesian culture.

AIA aims to encourage

Culture & Literature

Who we are

AIA members have lived, worked, traveled or studied in Indonesia – or they plan to.

It includes people who have a fascination for the culture, music and art of Indonesia.
Some members have an Indonesian background and family living there while others have an academic interest in the country.
Whilst most of our members live in NSW, we have members in several other states and in Indonesia.

Everyone with an interest in Indonesia is welcome!

The Australia Indonesia Association was founded in 1945, making it one of the oldest and longest established organizations in the world with an interest in the newly independent country of Indonesia.

In 2020 we celebrated our 75th Anniversary.

This photo shows an early meeting of the AIA at Paddington Town Hall in Sydney in 1946.

Our Activities Include

Cultural exhibitions
Information exchange
Fund raising for charities
Hospitality to Indonesian visitors
Annual school prize for Indonesian studies
Participation in Indonesian celebrations in Australia
Seminars and discussions with experts on Indonesian affairs

What we do

The AIA have a range of activities to cater for the varied interests of our members.

Australia Indonesia Awards

The AIA initiated this national program of annual awards to recognise and honour Australians and Indonesians who have made significant contributions to the greater understanding and friendship between Indonesians and Australians. The awards are made in 3 categories which are different each year. Nominees for the awards are assessed on the basis of:

⦁ Demonstrated excellence in their field;

⦁ Demonstrated commitment to Australian Indonesian relationships;

⦁ Being a role model for others.

An independent Selection Panel selects the finalists and the winner in each category, with the Awards presented at a gala dinner attended by government and diplomatic leaders and dignitaries.

Zoom Cocktail Sessions

With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, we reached out to our members via Zoom online sessions, held on a fortnightly basis with guest speakers on a range of interesting topics. The sessions are very social, not webinars.

Social functions

Members get together for regular dinners (where not restricted by Covid-19), and participate in social functions conducted by other Indonesian community groups.


The AIA endeavours to promote the study of Bahasa Indonesia and Indonesian culture at high schools, universities and adult education courses. We have arranged immersion courses in Indonesia for senior high school students, and provide the Lottie Maramis annual prizes to the top students of Bahasa Indonesia in NSW schools.


As previously mentioned, the AIA was founded in 1945, making it one of the oldest and longest established organizations in the world with an interest in the newly independent country of Indonesia. In 2020 we celebrated our 75th Anniversary. We are proud of the history and are working on documenting our achievements over the years.
We also promote discussion and documentation of the history of the relations between Indonesia and Australia.


We issue a weekly email to members and friends of the AIA, informing them of upcoming Indonesian related events in NSW and elsewhere. This is based on information received from various organisations, including AIYA, AIBC, AIA in other states, AIC, ICC.
Our Facebook page continues to attract new members and lots of posts.


The AIA believes strongly that it is important not only to do what we consider right, but to ensure that we do it the right way. Our Committee, including Office Bearers, are all volunteers, elected at the Annual General Meeting each year. They are accountable to the members.

Our Constitution provides the basis for the governance and operations of the organisation.
The Constitution has been updated twice since the original Constitution of 1945 to reflect changes in regulatory requirements. The current Constitution adopted by the Annual General Meeting in 2016, is based on a template by the NSW Dept of Fair Trading.

Annual Financial Statements are presented to and approved by members at the Annual General Meeting.


The Committee is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. This is the current 2020-21 Committee.
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Neil Smith
Sally Madaida-Luxton
Eric de Haas
John Luxton
Steve Sharp
Paul Murphy
Anthony Liem

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